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A update

Hello ladies, I haven't been on here for awhile well I have a few updates, I put a post about hot flushes and night sweats well I have had two blood test and my white blood cells are high well I found out last Tuesday they have been high since 2012, so there is definitely something not right the dr said it could be an infection insode my body or an inflamed part of organ in body well question is has any one with endo/adeno have high white blood cells? Been pain clinic and was told to see someone about my depression got a follow up in December but im not happy with something that was written in the report she called me obese and that has made my mood even more lower but one thing I did notice in the report she said I have become very disabled with the chronic pain well another question could they have missed endo or something when I had my lap in Sept, and as I saod before I went doctors last Tuesday and he isn't happy that I dont have a follow up with the gyne and that I have been dismissed from the gyne, and on my sick note it says chronic pain syndrome? What else could be causing the pain im stuck on what other investigations and test I need to cross different things that could be causing the pain? Im still in pain and don't really seem to be getting anywhere I have been very tired again as I tried not to have a nap in the day but the other morning I was awale for an hour so till ten and went back to sleep till 1pm but I slept through the whole night and didn't wake up so tired even though I'm having a good ish night sleep xxxx hope you are as pain free as possible and are okay too thank you for any replies :) xxxx

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Endo can cause white cells to raise as its an inflammatory condition and the body is trying to fight it. Hope this helps a bit. Mine are often raised too


Thank you :) might have to get more test and investigation xxx


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