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mirena and depo together

Hi All had a follow up with my gynaecologist today and she wants me to go on the depo injections alongside the mirena I already have fitted. Has anyone else had this and is it safe also what would the side effects be. I had a lap done over a year ago but they say I am a difficult case to manage as I have other health conditions. I spose its better than being told to get pregnant which is a great help considering my relationship went wrong because sex is painful. Im just tired of being in pain every day to the point of even considered having a hysterectomy but know I would regret it if I did. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Hello, I've not formally been diagnosed with endo, but the symptoms fit. Anyway, I had the mirena fitted 14 months ago but I'm still getting regular pain and frequent bleeding.

The gynae I saw last week prescribed Norethisterone daily which is similar to the depo injection as they're both progesterone. In the week I've been taking them the bleeding has finally stopped although the pain hasn't gone away.

It's still early days obviously but so far no negative side effects unlike when they tried adding in microgynon which I don't cope with!


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