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Visanne privately in UK?

Hi all,

I've recently returned to London after a few years overseas where I was being treated for ENDO with Visanne which was a dream. Stopped my periods, all pain and shrunk my multiple cysts.

I've just returned to UK where 2 months in I'm still waiting to see a specialist on NHS. I've run out of my Visanne and my symptoms have returned worse than ever. I can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere on Visanne in the UK. My GP couldn't confirm whether it was available or not. This forum suggests it's not available on the NHS yet? It worked so well for me if happily pay for it privately but have no idea where to start? Any London readers have anyone they can recommend .. I'm desperate and would be eternally grateful!

Thanks so much in advance!

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NO Visanne is not available in the UK.

It is still undergoing clinical trials in specific countries and until the trials are completed which should be about 3 more years or so that's when NICE who regulates on whether drugs are available here can decided if they will permit it or not.

The only Dienogest based product available in the UK is Qlaira which is combi-birth control pill, which is not what you are looking for.

ukmi.nhs.uk/applications/nd... states that it may be made available by Bayer to registered users...which might mean if you have already been using it as part of a clinical trial elsewhere, it may be made available to you in the UK - but quite how that would work I have no idea.

Perhaps you could start with emailing the Bayer customer services department to make enquiries.

Or go back to your old GP overseas and try and get them to supply you with Visanne.

DO NOT EVER buy from the internet. You have no control over what product you are being sent, whether it is stored in transit at the right temperatures, whether it even is the real drug or a fake version, whether it is out of date or whether it is part of a rogue batch that has been recalled. You my get in to lot of problems with customs too if caught importing prescription strength meds in to the UK which are not yet available here.

Failing getting Visanne through legitimate means - you need to consider trying one of the currently available progesterone derivative methods available in the UK.

POP birth control pills - of which there are dozens.

Mirena Coil IUD

Skyla coil IUD

Nexplanon arm implants

Depo-Provera 3monthly injections. etc


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