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Advice after lap and hysteroscopy please

Hi in August I had hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. I then had post op meeting in September and have only just received the post op letter copied to my doctors this week after we asked for reminders. The post op meeting was a bit wishy washy and now I have the letter I am even more frustrated and none the wiser really as next steps go .... So before I visit the doctors to grill them, just thought it would be good to get some advice please. At the post op meeting I ended up waiting over an hour as the consultant who did my surgery wasn't there so ended up seeing another consultant who admitted she didn't usually handle post op appointments. She didn't have the results she said from the hysteroscopy from any samples taken ... I saw all the images from the lap and this time round (had lap and then laser surgery ten years ago to reduce endo) there was signs of endo but not as much as last time, no other major concerns (ie cancer etc) however uterus ligament thickened on one side and womb larger than average so pointed towards adenomyosis as well. So she said in terms of what to treat it was difficult to pin point next stage. So she advised just to manage the pain levels with meds, offered the coil again (which I don't want), she said there was a pill for my age (41) which may help my symptoms or more drastically hysterectomy but wld prefer to delay this as long as possible and she didn't feel that what they found would mean this drastic. So she then said she would check with the consultant who performed the surgery to get conclusive details and write to my doctor and I with in two weeks. After waiting for three I called several times and eventually we received the letter. The letter states they found adenomyosis in certain areas, and endo in the pouch of Douglas and suggested coil or contraception pill for period pains and v heavy periods. My symptoms are not just limited to these two and it frustrates me that they have honed in on these two disregarding the bloated ness, constipation, major back, pelvic and leg pain at ovulation time etc etc basically about five pain free days out of 30. So ..... What do I do next and how do I make sure the doc takes me seriously so I can get the best possible outcome to manage my symptoms????!

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