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Help here please for 19 yr old

My 19 yr old Grandaughter who also has Hashimotos Thyroiditis clearly has severe endo just like her mother

the pill did little to help

gynae are now suggesting either laparoscopy plus laser ablation or an injection

GnRh has been suggested

Its likely the endo is wrapped round her bladder since she gets constant urges to pee everyday along with debilitating pain and heavy periods every month accompanied by severe acne breakouts

She eventually dearly wants children but thats well down the line as right now she needs to be able to get and hold down a job

Because of her Thyroid i have deep concerns about effects of hormone injections

all requests for refrrals to specialist endo centres are being denied on NHS

Heaven knows what they charge privately

and quite honestly i dont trust local NHS

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Hi Reallyfedup123,

Just curious if your granddaughter has been following a gluten free lifestyle?


yes she is totally wheat and gluten free and has been for ages


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