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Why no laparoscopy to diagnose

From 2008 after the birth of my son is when I developed chronic every day pain plevis hip pain lower back tail bone pain leg pain that is heavy and sore, ibs, my bowel movements are so lazy I have insert my hand inside me and guide the bowel movement out, hope that makes sense, my bladder is over active have had quite a few accidents. These are my every day symptoms then the bad periods with cramps like Labour pain now no one knew what was wrong with me so they diagnoses fibromyalgia,. I had a gynecologist appointment which showed pcos and they said they are treating me for endrometriosis because they think I have that, they give me the pill, I was already on mini but he said he was happy to put me on full pill. My question is this. Why am I not getting a laparoscopy to formally diagnose me, I see people on this site talking about them all the time surely with every day pain I warrant a proper investigation, where do I go from here because I'm suicidal stuck in limbo I haven't been able to work in 6 years, the broken sleep at night with the pain everywhere means my husband sleeps in the back room , what can I do please help me .

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You need to get a second opinion... don't just do what they say. Fight for your rights to get this sorted!

There are specialist endo centres around the UK... I'm sure some who knows the link can post it here for you.

You are on your rights to ask to be referred to one.

Good luck x


Thank you so much for answering, it was an nhs appointment so I think there trying to save money by saying we think you have this so we will treat you for it with the pill , but it might as well be a polo mint I've to take every day, my next appointment is in January that gives me six months on this new pill, then I'm taking my husband with me for support a United front.


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