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The Joy (not) of Endometrioma

My History: At 23 I finally got a doctor to listen to me about my stomach pain and they offered an ultrasound. I now am thankful that the mass they spotted on the ultrasound couldnt be identified via ultrasounds/MRI/CT or any other imaging as it led to a laporoscopy and hysteroscopy that found:

•Extensive endometriosis (lasered)

•A cyst (removed)

•Fibroids (all but 3 removed)

•Unusually endo thickened uterus walls that needed a DNC (scrapped out)

•My right ovary was adhered with endo to my lower abdomen wall (explaining the strange pains they had told me was nothing)

•and a couple of other bits....

So I am now the proud owner of:


▪Polycystic Ovaries


Needless to say endo is annoying!!!

I was given the Merina and it was amazing....my periods stopped and (overshare coming) the bowel bleeding i had everymonth ceased also.

Sadly when i got urinary symptoms (unrelated to coil) the doctors made me remove it in case. WORST DECISION EVER!!

It has been a year since removing the coil and a few months ago I started feeling fatigued, feverish, stomach pains, nausea, sweats and it all culminated in waking up in agony. A diagnosis of a twisted cyst and one ultrasound later I now have beautiful 3D images of my endometrioma.

Essentially a cyst filled with endometriosis.

I am getting the coil back in 7 days and hoping it will dry the endometriosis in the cyst up but am approaching my next period and am having really bad pains, fevers and dizzyness....I wandered if anyone else has had the pleasure of one of these cysts and if the coil does help??????

ALSO my weight is just crazy atm and it wont budge.....do others find this too????

So nice to find a community about this....feels lonely sometimes.

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Wouldn't wish this stuff on anyone, but am so glad you shared your story: helps me a to! So, thanks...and good luck...am sure you'll get good replies! xo


I am also the proud owner of 2 endometriomas!!! My left ovary is also stuck to the side of my womb. I don't have any experience of the coil as the gynaecologist as decided that my priority needs to be trying to conceive and he thinks the endo will be hard to remove without causing damage. I just wanted to say I feel your pain!! I was awake at 5.30 this morning in pain and taking tramadol. Now working on the sofa whilst watching a Christmas film and really hoping that I am well enough to go out tonight to a meal which has been planned for months.

Look after yourself xx


I, like you, am the proud-ish owner of a multitude of similar symptoms and I agree the hard part is getting people to listen to you. Also the fear of impending periods, I dread them every month as things just get so bad I can't get out of bed. It is a lonely disease but it need not be, there are so many of us, not just on here but in general and we all sympathise. I hope things get better for you xx


hi Dot7,

I am 26 and a not so proud owner of 2 cysts (one big one) plus fibroids (very small) and properly endo which will all be fixed by lap in 10days inc coil insertion. I am pleased the coil has worked for you I hope it will do the same for me :)

Sorry to hear they made you remove it coz of urinary signs, sounds like more of a problem without it to be honest.

Glad we can help you to not feel alone


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