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Bowel adhesions stuck to ovary

Hello ladies/fellow Endo Warriors!

So its been 7.5 months since my first & so far only lap to diagnose and excise my endo that was found on both left and right uterosacral ligaments as well as the rectovaginal septum/top of the vagina.

A couple days ago I had a scan done to look for any deep infiltrating endo as the pain is back and the gynae confirmed some adhesions sticking right ovary to my bowel as well as potential superficial lesions back at the RV septum.

Has anyone experienced bowel adhesions and did you decide to re-operate to have the adhesions removed? Does leaving adhesions in this area worsen over time or create further complications?

I'm stuck as to what I should do as it's taking control of my life even with pain relief but I don't want to be having another lap if it's just going to cause more adhesions! (Which I'm not too sure how I got adhesions there as there wasn't any endo found there??)

Please help!

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Hi endo_girl,

I have only had 1 surgery so far (less than a month ago) and besides a large chocolate cyst I also had my bowels stuck and some endo in pouch of douglas. Basically, they described it as "kissing ovaries", literally one ovary was almost next to the other and the bowel was stuck in the middle. During the surgery there was also a bowel surgeon and they found adhesions in the bowel behind my uterus until my rectum (sorry for the graphics). Not sure if this makes sense, they explained it graphically (it's so much easier to understand it that way).

I believe (please check with your doctor) that the problem is that the endo can begin to affect your bowels and actually invade the bowel tissue. The dowside of the surgery is that there are chances (it doesn't mean it will be that way, and I believe that the chances of it are really low) to require a colostomy either because the bowel is too damaged and requires time to heal or because they might cut it confusing it with other organ.

I know that all of this sounds like really serious but I wouldn't imagine that the endometriosis has done an important damage to the bowel considering that the last surgery was so recently. Can you check if your consultant also does bowel surgery? I believe it would be good to ask his opinion.

Regarding pain, I only had pain during sex (like a lot of pain) and it was explained that this could be the reason. As the surgery was recently I am not able to tell you yet about improvements in this area.

All the best for you.



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