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Elimination Diet

Or Lifestyle change as my Son reminded me this morning, as I have often preached in my past to him about. I recently found myself stranded with no help from the medical community so I decided to go back on the elimination lifestyle change that had made me feel so much less inflammation about 13 years ago. I've cut out gluten, processed sugars, meat and all oils except omega 3 types or gluten free salad dressings. No egg either. I had to lower my triglycerides and cholesterol at the same time as live with all this pain in my back, hips and abdomen. I am suspicious if i have a defective gall bladder but have not shown any such sign in all my scans.

It's only been a few days and the pain has decreased significantly already. Mixed with days when I feel dizzy and fatigued. But no pain medication has done this much so I figure it's a healthier alternative.

It bothers me to be in the movie theater however and not indulging in the popcorn. For now I'm being really strict and not eating anything other than fruits and vegetables with some walnuts or pistashios or fish for protein. So very few carbs for now, as long as I can stand it. Then I'll reintroduce some gluten free carbs back in just think. My body needs a good break to start.

I urge all of you who aren't getting any relief from pain killers to do the same. It won't cure us but it does make us suffer less.

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Couldn't agree more. We are all unique and finding out for ourselves what are the trigger foods AND drinks that make things worse for each of us is a journey of self discovery and can make huge difference - especially for those of us who have ended up extra-sensitive in the digestive system due to endo or other issues in the past.

I had actually eliminated many things long before I was diagnosed with endo. Just through trial and error basically eliminating the things I suspected and then having a break for a few weeks and reintroducing them again. I have now got my list of safe foods and drinks and do my best to stick to them and boy do I know it when I do fall off the wagon and consume one of my trigger foods - won't take more than about 20 minutes before the pain starts.

The DM newspaper had an excellent article on this very subject a few weeks back



I wished I had done it sooner. Eliminating wheat, barley, soya has made a huge difference. Dramatically reduced pain and bloating. I felt so much better 4 weeks on that I couldn't bear to re-introduce. Now I don't even miss bread etc (I was the biggest bread/pasta/cake junky ever). Just returned from Paris and even walking past a patisserie or bakery and I was heaving. I had to hold my breath.


I have recently been to see a nutritionist who has advised me pretty much exactly to do this - I have cut out wheat (as much as possible), red meat, cow dairy, and reduced caffeine intake. I'm also taking supplements including fish oils, starflower oils and a good multivitamin, and eating a lot more fresh green vegetables and fish. This has had a massive effect and my pain and inflammation are much reduced. Diet has a huge effect on your pain and your general health!


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