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16 and scared

Hi everyone, I have recently joined this group as I am due to have a laparoscopy to see if I have endometriosis. I am only 16 and I have been poorly for the last 3 years, the hospital have never known what it has been, iv had cameras, X Rays, ultrasounds, MRI's, hundreds of blood tests and we are still non the wiser. I missed so much school from being poorly an do have recently started college and I am already starting to miss lessons. I am due to have my operation on Wednesday (22nd October) and I am scared out of my wits, this is my 6th operation but my 2nd from being cut open as I have previously had my appendix removed. My surgen said he doesn't know what he will find when he gets in there but will proceed on whatever he finds. They said depending on what they do means my recovery could be anything from 4 days to 4 weeks. I'm so scared and I feel so down, I'm so tired all the time, I have no energy whatsoever, my family and boyfriend are all very supportive but my boyfriend now is finding it hard to deal with. I was just wondering what some of your stories are, how this operation went for you and how your recovery was and how you felt after. I'm sorry for how long this is but thankyou for reading it, I really appreciate it.

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Hopefully you will feel better after the op than you do now. My heart goes out to you, you are far too young to be dealing with this situation.

Depending on what symptoms you are experiencing your dr should be able to make a guess at where it is. Find out if he or she is able to remove all the endo, from wherever it is including your digestive dummy stem if it has got there. You don't want to keep having surgeries if you can help it.

Try and distract yourself if you can. Good books, films, podcasts etc. Try and exercise, even if it is just 30 minutes walk a day. It will help keep you fit and raise your mood levels. Xx

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Thankyou for your advice, iv just gotten myself into a really good book which is helping me keep my mind off things, if I can stay awake long enough to read it lol, I try to keep active but I have just been diagnosed as being underweight aswell so I can only really do walking for excersise. Thankyou for your help xxx


Hi Jessica, im also 16, i was diagnosed with Endo when i was 14, when i first had my operation i noticed that the pain was much better! but unfortunately few months later i started to have pain again, and sometimes i couldnt move in pain. I missed quite a lot of school last year due to the pain, but luckly i have an amazing support group behind me in and out of school! school has and continues to help me through this! i am now currently studding for my A levels, and trying my best not to miss school, but sometimes you cant go to school!

After your op just take it easy, take as long as you need of college, comfort yourself and do not carry out heavy duties for a few weeks after your op, youll need time to heal properly, dont rush your recovery! i do hope that everything goes well for you next week! My heart goes out too you! i know that its a hard thing for a 16 year old to go through but it will get better soon! good luck xx


U poor thing my daughter of 15 has been going through since she was 13 she had her appendix out and they found endo on it she had another op . in may which removed more. But still in pain and only goes to school 2 dsy a week as still in pain. I do hope u get sorted and yr boyfriend keeps understanding as u r so young good luck hun xx


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