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Another lap!

So not even 2 years on from my lap in which the surgeon found endo pretty much everywhere and my ovary had stuck to the inside of my tummy, I have now been told I have a cyst on the same ovary and I'm probably stuck together again. I had the mirena fitted a year ago to try and slow down the endo coming back. He is saying he'll need to operate again but more aggressively this time and cut away the endo instead of lasering. Because I got a dvt last time I now need blood thinners injected into my tummy before and after the op but the downside of that is I have a risk of bleeding too much. My husband pays for private family insurance from his wage every month so I can decide when to have this lap done. I am absolutely petrified of going through this again as I didn't cope very well last time and also with getting a dvt it was a frightening time for me and my family. I now have the worry of getting the op and getting my kids to school and also as I'm a childminder I need to explain to the parents of the children I look after that I will be out of action for 3/4 weeks. I worry by the time I recover that I won't have a business to return to. There's so much to think about and it's stressing me out. X


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