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Post bleeding

Hello. I had my laparoscopy on the 16th of last month to treat my endometriosis and at the same time they fitted the Mirena coil. Since the operation I have had continuous period pain (mainly worse at night), medium bleeding since the operation (nearly a month now), and I have been prescribed Tramadol which I have to be careful with as it reacts with my other medication.

It's nearly a month now and I'm worried that I'm still bleeding.... I thought the marina stopped periods? Has anyone had the same?

Also I hear that diet can help with endometriosis, is this true?

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I also get terrible menstrual cramps (ever since I was 13) and this is still continuing after the op



With my first mirena I spotted for six weeks. It takes a while to settle in, they say you should give it 6 months. As for stopping your periods it doesn't for everyone, I had a regular monthly bleed. It was really light and only lasted for 3 days which was amazing after suffering from heavy prolonged bleeding for years. Give the mirena time. I'm on my 3rd.

As for diet I have found that cutting out wheat and soya a big help. I'm not so bloated (except for ovulation and period time) and my pain has dramatically reduced. It works for some but not for others. You just have to find out what triggers symptoms for you and cut these out. Unfortunately there is no 1 fits all here, a lot of trial and error. Takes time but I would say it's worth it.

Good luck x


Sounds normal to me I had the mirena fitted back in June and I still have spotting days but not every day like it was at the beginning, it can take 6 months to settle down but we all differ, try and bear with it as hopefully you will benefit from it in the long run.


Thank you both! I had to return back to the hospital today and it seems that there may be an internal infection after the operation so have been put on two different antibiotics. A friend of mines wife recovered after 2 weeks so I was basing my recovery on that. Like you said everyone is different, lets hope work will understand that!

Thanks again!


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