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Hi ladies, well i have just had my 2nd lap to remove endo only the 1st time they didnt touch it as it had advanced to grade 4,, anyway, i had my lap a week ago and as the doc wasnt available to tell me what went on i have no clue apart from the did remove some ?? I had it on my ureta, bladder, ligments, douglas pouch, ovarys, all over really! Oh and a severe area next to my bowel. When i have been going the toilet (for both sorry for tmi) i have been getting a lot of pain one my left side for wees and my right and back and lower tummy for other... is this normal? Any advice please. I would truly apprieciate it xxxx

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You sound exactly the same as me in exactly all the same places. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but just had my 5th op and still got it. Giving up now on nhs as they are all a load of rubbish whichever surgeon claims he can do this for you or that for you. NO they can't it's just a load of bul..h.t. X


They are terrible arnt they i had on tell me it was too mich for the nhs to pay for me to have op but because of them leaving me for three years my endo has advanced. The surgon ive jist had however was the only person whis actually been any help so fingers crossed hell of at least removed some of it xx


Hiya. It takes several weeks / couple of months for all the swelling and internal wounds to heal so what you're experiencing is unfortunately part of the recovery process...it sounds like you had a lot going on and it will have been alot of surgery inside - we sometines forget just what a big op it is! .That said if you are concerned you could contact your GP or if you were given any discharge advice to ring the ward you could ring them - its a good idea to make sure you bring up any post op concrns you have incase you have an infection of some kind. Try to drink plenty of water so you keep your body hydrated and prevent a urine infection, it also helps prevent constipation which is really inportant as it isnt advisable to strain in your early weeks of recovery. If you havent been prescribed a stool softener like lactulose I would recommend it - can be bought over the counter at the chemist. Other than that try to avoid food that will bung you up. Good idea to make a Gp appointment if you feel you could do with chatting this over. Its unfortunately common not to see your consultant till your post op review appointment - its unfortunately what happens on the NHS - my hubby was the same after his hernia op - I agree its not good and leaves you feeling a bit lost. You could always speak with your consultants secretary if you wanted to get more info although it usually takes a while for reports to be typed etc etc. Wishing you a smooth recovery and a painfree future x

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Thankyou im going to ring hospital today see if i can be told what they actually did because the nurse on that ward just said hes removed it from your ovarys bit i carnt read his writing lol , thankyou xx


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