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Endo in the bowel

Need some advice I'm 29 have just had endo surgary in June all went well major excercision had a ct before that showed a mass on the bowl I had various adheasions and I am under a very well known endo surgeon due my review in a few days but over the last few months Iv had bleeding from my rear just a day or do before my period and I'm assuming during but they can be heavy any advice last time I mentioned it he said it's very uncommon any advice experiences welcomed x

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Hi there gemmap,

I have extensive endo on the bowel too and have never had any bleeding. If I were you, I would insist on a colonoscopy just to be safe. It's too easy to fob us off and when the endo is that bad you need to be sure. I have had a colonoscopy in preparation for my 6th surgery!! Best wishes with it all. x


Who did your surgery? xx


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