Love to the Endo-men!

Love to the Endo-men!

The problem with Endometriosis is that if your in a relationship it doesn't affect just you, but also your partner. The point could be made that they suffer just as much as we do. I know on a personal level I have pushed my boyfriend away, denied him intimacy, yelled at him when I felt down and assumed he couldn't possibly understand the isolation I felt. But I'm sure in the course of all that I made him feel just as isolated and confused as I felt, and caused him just as much pain. And yet he, like many men, did not leave me, did not blame me and did not ever let me feel the pain I'd inflicted on him. There are so many men out there treading the same journey we are, they many not know the physical pain we feel but they stay with us and hold our hand.

Here is too all good men who refused to give up on us hormonal, tired, grumpy and miserable women who couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, because the whole time it was stood nest to us.

Thank you Sam, I love you.

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  • That is so lovely and so true. My husband deserves a medal for what he's put up with over the years.

  • Awwww this is gorgeous! Put a big smile on me dial :D Cheers to all you decent men out there taking good care of your ladies!!

  • Thanks for sharing, that lovely to hear! :) Hang on to Sam he definitely a keeper! xx

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