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Any advice or similar experiences?


My issue is a little personal. I have experienced painful sex as a symptom of endometriosis which led to me and my partner being unable to. We recently tried again after having a lap and noticing an improvement in my general pain symptoms but the pain was still there. It isn't an internal pain its more at the beginning/opening. Has any one experienced this or have any advice? I was going to go to doctors but I'm not sure they can do anything? Any help would be great thanks x

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I have found that once you experience pain in that situation it is very difficult to relax even after surgery. There is a chance that the new location of your pain could be to do with you tensing up in anticipation of pain, I did the same but over time and after researching handy relaxation methods that I could do at home it started to ease off (breathing exercises, visualisation exercises etc).

It is such a difficult thing to get the feeling out of your mind that you are going to end up in agony if you get intimate, I really hope you and your partner can work on making it a much more comfortable thing for you xxx

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Hi thanks for your reply.

I have had hypnotherapy to help me relax and get to the stage of actually wanting to again. Maybe I just need to relax a little more now I'm ready again! Thanks for your help x


No problem, keep trying and if it really doesn't get better have a chat with your doctor. I know its a little difficult to discuss with a stranger but being comfortable with your partner is really important to your relationship xxx


Thanks, I will go to the doctor if it doesn't improve, maybe they cam help or suggest something. It definitely is! X


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