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Worried it's more than endo but gyne not listening!!

Hi ladies!

I had a lap in February this year and no obvious endo signs just adhesions to my bowel and appendix! Since then I am still having constant pain and have had to go to A&E twice due to heavy bleeding and clotting! I am still unable to have intercourse and just feel awful all the time! This has been going on for 2 years and I'm only 21! I have been on two types of pill! Yasmin and mycrogynon and was bleeding for a month! I have been back to see my gyne and wrote down all my symptoms since February! He basically ignored what I was saying and said that my only option is zoladex for 3 months! He wasn't very clear on the side effects etc! He was adamant that I have endo although it wasn't visual present at time of lap! I have all the symptoms of endo and other gyne issues which I feel he is ignoring! He said that if my pain goes away that it will be clear it's endo but worried if it's something else and feel like he is so fixated on it being endo that he could be missing something! I have got to go back to see him in 3 months time but am concerned about being swapped on and off different treatments and what effects it may have on my body! Has anyone else felt ignored or confused? Could you ladies give me any advice on zoladex? Would be appreciated xx

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I know how you feel being constantly fobbed off but if you have specific concerns I would pay for a private consultation as you can still go back to nhs.. If you look up your nearest endo centre and read up on the surgeons then get a second opinion.

Good luck. X


Thank you xx


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