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Post lap advice

Hi everyone,

Having lap and removal of endo with dye studies in a couple of weeks.

Would just like to know how you felt post- lap, pain, tiredness, when you felt recovered. I'm well aware we are all different and all heal in different time periods but just having a few ideas of what I may encounter would be great. Especially with regards to going back to work, I'm a nurse so on my feet all day and very busy heavy work. Thanks all in advance :) xxx

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Hi, I am currently 2 weeks post op for excision of endometriosis. I had quite a lot of work done and had to stay in over night but I feel absolutely fine now apart from being a little tender. First few days I felt tired and a little bit sore but nothing major. I would say it all depends on what you have done. Work wise it depends again on what your job involves. You can't do any heavy lifting for 6 weeks and will probably need regular breaks/rest. I don't work at the moment but did after my previous operation 3 years ago. I took 2 weeks off that time and made sure I had lots of brakes once I returned. Don't worry you will be fine. It's surprising how quick our bodies recover. Good luck. :)


I'm currently recovering from my second lap that I had done this week I had endo and adhesions removed alongside tubal dye test. The main thing is tiredness it really does take it's toll more than anything else. Pain lasted a day and was given meds to control this. Can easily get up and move around and I'm on day 3 now. Just listen to what your body is telling you don't force yourself to do things you'd normally do. Just rest, drink and eat and you'll soon start to feel at your best again. Good luck x


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