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Had a lap in August and fainted in pain last week


I had a lap in 19/8 to remove some endo and adhesion. My surgeon couldn't remove some adhesion on my Kidney but she did quite a lot of job.

I usually have bad pain at least a week before period starts which is worse than my period pain.

I had a painful week from 31/8 and it was pretty bad. I knew a lap won't cure straight away and it will take time. Had heavier period in September.

Second painful week since the lap started 29/9 and that day was really bad. I was thinking to go to GP soon but I was busy on Monday and Tuesday. On 1/10 while I was at work the pain came and it took very long time to ease a bit and it came back worse and I fainted and fell from the office chair to a carpet (but hard) floor. I was unconscious for a bit but came around with terrible pain. My colleague called an ambulance. I haven't much memory around that time but I was taken to A&E. My blood pressure was low and I had some temperature. I had morphine and paracetamol drip.

The doctor said it was an endo flare up. I was given suppository diclofenac and some diclofenac tablets and sent home. Since then I am having diclofenac and codeine and still some pain but not as severe as that.

I am wondering what is causing the pain this much? I had a lap to remove the cause of pain and despite that the pain is worse and worse every month. It may be to soon to say the lap didn't succeed. But what could I do?

In order to get oral morphine my GP said I have to get a prescription from my consultant first. My follow up is in December. I could ask to make it forward but I am not sure it will be before my next painful week.

I am just wondering if i have adeno as well. I was told once in Japan my uterus wall is rather thick and it could be adeno. However I had only virginal scan not MRI so I wasn't sure how accurate it was. Is it only MRI in order to suspect adeno?

I am still suffering from hip pain from falling though!

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Hi Shukudai,

I saw an old thread with one of your posts and thought I'd look at your profile to see if you were ok and I found this unanswered post. You poor thing. How are you now? Did you get to see the consultant or do you have to wait until December?

It sounds like it might be adhesions forming quickly after the operation. I'm surprised she couldn't remove the endo from the kidney. Was a urologist involved in your surgery?

Adenomyosis can sometimes be seen on an MRI but it's not completely reliable. However it is the best method available. It can only be confirmed 100% once the uterus is removed and analysed.

Were you ever on GnRH drugs? If so, get your hip checked....get it checked anyway.

Hope you've made some progress since you posted this. xx


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