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Regular cycles?

Hi all,

I know lots of ladies are on contrceptives/hormones so either dont have periods or can kind of choose when they have their periods, but for those not on contreceptives/hormones how regular are your periods?

Only started having proper periods again in June after coming off depo and june, july and August were pretty regular timed, stupidly I didnt work out exact dates at the time. Had my op lap about 5 weeks ago. Im currently trying to conceive and not sure if/when my period will be late. Took a home test last weekend, although I knew it would be too early (was negative). Dont want to waste money buying lots of tests so trying to hold off a bit before testing again, but think knowing me I'll cave and test again soon. Trying not to get my hopes up too much, every 'early pregnancy' symptom I have could also be due to a hundred different things.

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rather than buying pregnancy testing kits - you can get ovulation testing kits. Perhaps that would be better as an investment so you can try and determine when you are at your most fertile when you don't yet have a regular cycle to rely on.


also have a look on amazon as they sell the too.


Hi impatient.

Im considering buying some if unsuccessful this cycle. Currently waiting for either a positive test result or my period to arrive.


My periods have always been regular, like clockwork. Which is why I was never really suspected of as having endo, because I was so regular and didn't have heavy bleeding.


I used to be very irregular but now I'm within 25-31 days, with most being around the 27-29 day mark - amazing considering I used to be starting anywhere between 21-40 days! I attribute this to changing my diet and working on my thyroid (I have autoimmune thyroid disease), although whether it is that I don't know.

Once you do get your period you might find it useful to download an app that tracks your cycle. I have an android phone and the one I use is free - called My Calendar - and helps me track my period, symptoms and if I were TTC it says when I should be ovulating according to my cycle. I find it quite helpful.


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