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Dermoid Cyst

I had my post op appointment with my consultant. I was initially told I had endometriosis before my op. When they operated they removed a 10cm dermoid cyst along with my right ovary with open surgery. They took a bioposy of my left ovary and I had good news that my left ovary is healthy.

I still don't feel good and just got my period which is painful. The consultant tells me I'm not ready to go back to work yet and I should be off for at least 3 months! I was off sick from work two months before my op, cos I was in so much pain and I now have been off another month, so two more months is too much. I am now not getting paid from work as I have only been in my current company for 3 years and they only pay sick pay for 5.5 weeks. I am going to my GP to get a cert till the end of this month and then see how I feel and even if I have to go back on light duties for a couple days a week for a few weeks when I feel up to it.

I'm so worried, as I'm getting married in May 2015 and the savings was going well. Now we can't save as we need to pay bills. I know I have to be patience and will get better. I am also nervous about returning to work after all this time.

I am just a big old worry wart!


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