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Tense about raised CA125 and endomatriosis

hello evry1 i was really worried when first i diagnosed with cyst n wen i had treatment n started having worse , horrible pains but cyst was growing unstopable.but my pains were killing at that tym i used to think am going through unusuall thing nobody have it am the nly1 in this world bearing this pain,n its100 times more than 7years back it was.7years has pased away.now am 28 had my surgery in wich they removd cysts4rm both ovaries of10cm.in feb had opt.now having cyst again with raised CA n its worrying me am not married yet planning to.since feb no periods but still got cyst.now i had 1st short of zoladex.my gyna is saying my body didnt responce to all of their treatments lol .... well that was my history.but for what am here is to share koz this endo gona b with me for whole lyf these pains n worst nights nly God knws n those who r suffring with same.its like am happy to see such a forum i want evry lady to talk to me n share with me this is the only way we can less eachothers pain.medicns though for sumtimes stop the worse pains but its still there might b forever.so i want u guys to share nd respond to my updated coment..... yes and the prayer dont forget for eachother ameen

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