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Hi ladies!

I came off my contraceptive pill around the 20th of July as me and my partner are TTC, had a normal bleed and then again on the 23rd of August which lasted approximately 5 days. However it is now the 1st of October and nothing! I seemed to have completely missed my September bleed. Ovbiously I had gotten my hopes up however I did a test on Monday which was negative and another one this morning which was the same :(

Has this happened to anyone else due to maybe having been on the contraceptive pill for a few years? (Except a 3 month break from it at the beginning of the year due to being on zoladex)

OR could I actually be pregnant and the tests are not showing it for some reason?

I'm also feeling sick lately too however I've not actually been sick, and as for stomach cramps I'm getting the occasional pain I get caused by the endo but nothing remotely like the agonising period pain I usually get!

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Hi, when I was TTC, my periods were messed for first 2mths each time I had sickness and was late, unfortunately even with my first urine morning sample still negative. The 3rd month, we'd partied a lot as mine and friends birthday and turns out I conceived on cocktails. Anyway I actually had symptoms before my 24days (that appeared to be my average of the 2mths prior), did a morning test negative. Few days later after I was constantly being sick I had a positive. It will depend on when you ovulated, I didn't realise i'd ovulated so early as times before I had ov'd later. Give it a couple of more days and test again if nothing. Then maybe speak with a gp who may be able to do a hormone blood test. Sorry not much help, but it's difficult to answer if not sure when ovulated as like I say my periods were sporadic first two months off pill. Good luck. Lots of babydust x


Thank you for your reply! It can get really confusing when you don't know what's going on inside! I think I will leave it another few days and test again. Fingers crossed! x


It's so hard as you either want the blue line or period to come so not in limbo. It's not nice being inbetween. There's always hope. Fingers crossed x


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