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Laparoscopy Referral

I've been to see my GP countless times about extremely heavy and painful periods and have had scans to see if I have endometriosis, but to no avail. Every doctor I have been to see has refused to either refer me to a specialist or refer me for a laparoscopy. They say I am too young to have such an invasive operation, at 23 years of age, and that it would cause more problems or potentially damage my womb.

Can anyone help me on this, as I really am at my wits end with all the pain and problems. I really just need to know if a laparoscopy is unsuitable for me at this time.

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I'm 25 and have just had my first lap this week so you're definitely not too young. There are many younger girls on here that have had them done in their teens. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time trying to get a diagnosis. All too common with endometriosis unfortunately :(


I has my Lap at 24 so you are not too young. Obviously every operation carries risks but I see no reason you are being refused the Op.

Can you change doctors surgery if you have tried all the doctors at your current surgery? They should at least refer you to a consultant, as they are a specialist. a GP is, as the name suggests a general practitioner.

As with most of us it is a battle with the doctors at times. Don't give up and keep preserving. Someone has to listen eventually.

All the best xx


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