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Alcohol and endo

Hey all,

I'm still waiting for my diagnostic lap for endo, it's less than 2 weeks now, super nervous!!

I was just wondering if any one shared this symptom with me or know if this is linked with endo??

Sometimes when I have a drink I'll have bleeding the next day or whatever...

I cut out drinking for a while and I was fine, but now I'm back at uni... I will have a drink every so often!!!

And the symptom has come back. I mentioned it to my consultant and he just wrote it down and didn't really comment on it...

Also how long will it take me to get into sport after my lap???

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It gives me pains every time i have it - it triggers IBS for sure in me, so I avoid it... even in trifles..and I love a good trifle. It rapidly causes me pain -within 20mins and I will be almost buckled with a really sore stomach.

Basically if you suspect alcohol is triggering pain - then avoid it. Put it on your banned foods and drinks list. Stay well clear for a few weeks. then give it a test run of 1 drink. If you end up having pains etc then you know for certain in your body alcohol has to be banned.

Do be very careful what you replace it with.

Caffeine, Fruit juice and especially any drinks with CO2 fizzy gas in them also set me off too.

So I do stick to water on outings. It's the only safe option. Boring to other people, but they don't have to put up with the agony that I have to, if I fall off the wagon even slightly.

just a few sips of alcohol or fizzy pop and ARghhhhhh.

It certainly doesn't need an entire drink or even several drinks.

Each of us has to determine through a diet diary what foods and drinks are safe for us to consume and stick to those or face the painful consequences.

There was just last week a very good page in the Daily Mail about finding out what does and doesn't suit your body.

Well worth saving in favourites so you can refer back to it. There is some very sensible advice.


Also take a look at the endo diet which pretty much comes to the same conclusion about finding what works best for you as an individual - along side avoiding the foods and drinks known to be a problem for endo.


As for returning to sports the rule of thumb is don't return to the gym till 10 weeks after stomach surgery. That gives the internal wounds time to heal and the muscles that have been cut through time to knit back together - it will take longer for that to happen, but nothing to stop you going for a daily walk in fact it is positively encouraged that you do keep active - just gentle so you don't have a set back by opening up wounds inside.

Swimming should be avoided till the skin wounds are healed over- probably a couple of weeks - unless you have had a wound infection, in which case wait till it is properly recovered.

Be your own judge- or rather let pain be the judge- if you do take up a sport- only do it for a short time and wait to see what the next 24hours tells you in terms of pains. If it hurts then you have over done it and need to wait a week or two more before trying that again. Same with driving a car (or rather with looking over your shoulder when reversing.) Practice in a large empty car park, reverse parking and doing a 3 point turn etc and see how you get on. Have a spare driver with you in case you do over do things and they can drive the car home again for you.

Be kind to your body - it has been traumatised.


Hi. Sounds like u need to cut out the alcohol unfortunately. I have cut down to 2 per week only due to the fact that I am very hormonal & having too much puts me over the edge.

With regards to getting back to your sport. I asked the consultant how long I would be out of action for as I was doing 4 to 5 classes per week. He said oh you will only need a week off!!! They found minimal endo & lazered it. I rested for 3 weeks before I got back to exercise but was very careful doing my classes. Suppose it just depends on what treatment you get and how u feel afterwards.

Don't be nervous about the lap. I got myself in to a right state beforehand for nothing.

Best of luck x


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