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had my op need advice

I have had endometriosis pain for the past 2 months. . I had a scan there was an 8 cm cyst and it turned out to be 10cm dermatoid cyst. The surgeon had to open me up and remove this along with my right ovary as there was no healthy ovary left after this had taken it over. I also had a small cyst on the left ovary which burst in surgery and they have taken a biopsy. So I was in hospital for the past four days.

I have found the whole experience so traumatic. I hate needles etc.(I'm such a big baby!) I am in so much pain. Even the needle in my hand distressed me. On day 3 it hurt so much, with all the antibiotic and fluids going in it. I came home after 4 days and am struggling. I know things will get better. It feels like they have rearranged my insides! I am also bleeding. (only when I get up and move around). I am trying to walk around as much as I can, but trying to rest this week. Is the bleeding normal and how long does this last? I did tell the Dr, she said everything is normal, but I'm not spotting.

And I keep crying. I think this is just frustration. I keep having nightmares of seeing needles and the cannula. The antibiotics are making me feel sick and I have anti-sickness pills to help. So I'm not eating too much. But when I eat that's when the pains as worst. The popping explosions in the stomach kills me. This is what I was getting before surgery. Will this ever go?

I feel so alone and that I have changed and things will never go back to normal. I'm I just being a drama queen.

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Hi Sue, you are NOT being a drama queen, you have just had extensive sugery and it is only to be expected that you will feel awful at the moment. 3 years ago I had emergency surgery for a ruptured cyst on my right ovary and to remove a further 14 cm cyst from my left ovary as well as the removal of adhesions from my bladder and bowel. You said u feel like they have rearranged your insides - that was exactly how I felt! To a certain extent they probably have what with all the rumaging about they did inside us during the surgery! I also had bad stomach pain when I ate for about 2 - 3 weeks after my operation but it does go away. As I recall my bleeding stopped about 10 days after my operation. Most of my right ovary was destroyed by the rupture and had to be removed. The surgeon explained that I could experience temporary menopausal symptoms for a few months until my left ovary realised it was the only one working and upped its output to make up for the other one! I dont know if you were told this (it didnt actually happen to me - I had a period about 3 or 4 weeks later) but its worth bearing in mind in case you're not feeling back to normal soon. I'm not at all squeamish about needles / hospitals etc and I would say I'm pretty good at coping with pain but I still felt really emotional, sore and very sorry for myself for a few weeks! Just keep reminding yourself that you will feel better in a few weeks and for now it's perfectly normal to feel miserable both physically and mentally x


Hi. I had a dermatoid cyst and right over and tubes last summer.

I was all emotionals straight after surgery and it did get better. But I got really bad pains develop in my right hip and across to where key hole scars were. I am actually having more surgery to check for adeshions or if it's endo.

I get bad pains when am "ovulating" and on morphine to help pain. My periods were heavy after surgery last year but then they got very very light and they are brown or very dark black in colour. But gyno said it was ok... But am not so sure.

That popping pain you have is that in ur tummy.. I had that and it was gas from where they blow ur tummy up..it eventually went but it did travel to my shoulder and I did get pain in my shoulder for a little while. Which is common.

Hope ur ok,,, your not alone even though I totally understand what your saying. Xx


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