Zoladex...is it worth it?

Hi, I've just been to the gp this morning because the depo provera injection that I had back in June hasn't worked. I had about two weeks of pain relief then the endometriosis pains came back. Understandably I am feeling very fed up and down. I have been offered the zoladex injection and been given a load of information to read and to make a decision. I am fortunate that my husband work for astrazenneca who make the drug and in the past has sold it to consultants and gps so know an awful lot about it however he sold it for the treatment of prostate cancer. I already take antidepressants to treat anxiety and I already have a very low libido and I am really worried that if I have zoladex these issues are just going to get worse. What I want to know is that does not having the pain outweigh these negative side effects? Would I just be stupid not to have it and give it a go? I think I've already decided that i should but was just wondering what experiences others have had.

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  • I have been looking at the side effects as I had my first injection on Saturday and I clearly states that it is not suitable if you have or have previously suffered from depression. I would recommend you do some research on the internet and chat with your gp before you commit to it. I am, having read up on it all, expecting the worst few months of my life but with any luck I will be like those who say they had no side effects or issues on it! Good luck x

  • I am currently on a 4 month cycle of Zoladex and my Doc also prescribed me some tablets that I take daily to counteract the side effects (sorry I cant think what they are called! Will have a look tonight) as I was on Zoladex last year for 6 months and I had a hard time with side effects! The Zoladex has give me pain relief and I would advise having it if the pain is bad, but it does make me feel very down so if you suffer from depression I would seriously recommend speaking to your Doctor about your other options first.

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