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Numbness in Legs??

Hi I'm really new to this, I'm 24 have been suffering since I was 9 (v early starter!) I've been diagnosed with a tilted womb & am awaiting my lap surgery date. I'm just wanting to know as much as I can really if anyone can help id be grateful! Does anyone else get numbness and excruciating pain in the legs as well as abdomen, back and pelvis? The pain is so bad I'm vomiting quite a lot x

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Hi, sorry you are having such a bad time. I did not get numbness but I did get pain travelling down my leg (up to my knee). I was having the leg pain on the same side as I normally get most of my abdominal pain. My leg pain seems to have stopped in the past couple of months (my endo symtoms change all the time) but I still get pain in my pelvis, back and abdomen. I think the pain in your leg has to do with the nerves in your pelvis as some go down your leg too (at least this is what I found out when I Google it). I seen some other post over here about leg pain so I think it is a common symtom. Search for "leg pain" on the Search box and you will find other posts about it. Hope you get your date soon x


Ah I'm glad it isn't just me thank you so much hope you have some relief soon xx


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