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should i have lap

ive a lap booked in for 19th sept, im 47 and have suffered with usual endo pains etc for prob 20 years.recently as my daughter has alot of same symptoms thought i should get a diagonisis .but over the last few cycles though uncomfortable.. bowel pelvic pain extreme tiredness unexpected bleeding hormone all over the place no libido,i can cope. i just want to get on with my life ,as my mum went through menapause by 50,im wondering should i have lap still, my husband wants me too, im scared and unsure,

any advice i would really appreciate.

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Hi. I'm also 47 and have just had excision surgery for severe endometriosis after 7 months on a gnrh drug. My endo had just reached a critical point and was causing a lot of pain meaning I couldn't function. I'm 6 weeks post op today and drug free. Feeling great. If you do have a lap try and make sure you're with someone who can also excise the endo when they go in. Look at the accredited endo centres.


In your shoes I would definitely get a diagnosis and as Dillweed1 says, it's helpful if whoever is doing it can also excise any endo when they do the surgery. If not at least you will have an idea what is going on and plan what to do from there. My endo was not diagnosed until my 40's but there was a lot going on in my pelvis. Ignoring it will not make it go away even in menopause particularly if you have adhesions. Good luck.


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