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Struggling after op. (Sorry long post )

Hi, wondered if anyone can offer any advice on how they felt.

I had my lap on 14th July, where they removed endo in pouch of Douglas area and removed a large cyst from my ovary, the also suspended my ovaries when operated which after week had to go back for the stitches out so they would fall back into place. I have an awful time with te nhs, when I came round from the op they hadn't given me any pain relief, and was hysterical when came round! I was disgusted, after giving me morpheme I was then told I couldn't go to sleep and was given a list of things I had to do so I could go home. Long story short I ended up back in hospital via ambulance that night.

Since the op I have been in agony, I was very sick for the first weeks, from being out of it and not being able to talk to being sick. It was dreadful!

I am now still struggling more than a month down the line the side I had the cyst is still a lot if pain and is constantly swelling up around my hip and lower back, I can't sleep on my sides as it feels like everything is falling out or moving to the other side, I keep having hot sweats ( no temp) feeling like I'm not here in so much pain and it going down my leg.

I have also notice I'm constantly getting bruises appearing all over my legs and they aren't going lasting for weeks at a time.

In so confused I never thought I would feel this poorly this long after my op.

Anybody else felt like this and advice ?

I'm due back at the docs next week so will discuss again with them, just wondered if anyone else was like this.

My appetite is nothing too food just doesn't internet me.

Long post sorry, just feeling lost.

Thank you xx

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You poor thing. This sounds like you've had a disaster. A really bad time. I give you my sympathies. I have not felt as bad as you, after my op, but I didn't have a cyst. I know after my op in June (3rd op) I felt really bad. All sweaty, more pain, no appitite and generally a bit shit. So I went to doc and I had an infection. This infection was a bastard to get rid of too. I am still feeling rubbish and I've still got pain now. They think the pain is scar tissue from the op where they excised the endo and sorted the adhesions. I would go to the doctor as soon as you can and get some anti biotics and pain killers and rest up. You need to build up your strength again and all this worry and stress will be putting you back weeks. Once you've seen the doctor please try and relax. Also make a complaint about that hospital and ask to be referred to a different hospital and a different gynae team. They sound horrendous. You should not have to put up with that kind of behaviour. Absolutely shocking. I'm sorry you're going through this Hun.

N xxx


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