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Cerelle and Mirena at same time??!!

Feeling sooo down today and could really do with some advice? So everything has been ace with me since my lap in march. Had mirena fitted end of April. Was getting on great with it and periods we slowly dying down until I had the mother of all periods last month which lasted 2 weeks. I've had other symptoms, pain after sex, hair falling out, back pain and pelvic pain. The doc today seems to think my endo is back - can it be? She thinks either that or a cyst. She's offered to put me on cerelle as doesn't think the coil alone is working - but i thought it could take 6 months? She's referred me back to gyne at the hospital but has warned I'll be looking at hormone injections which I'm terrified of. Is it not too late to right off Mirena? Does anyone else take the pill along side the coil?xx

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Yes, I've done it in the past with a mini pill cerazette, it kept me going for another year without having to have surgery so personally I found it to be very beneficial. I am currently taking a double dose alongside the mirena now! Would be interested to know if anyone else is in the same situation.


Hi, I just had second mirena coil fitted. The last one meant I had the best quality of life for 4 years with little pain and bleeding. It didn't last 5 years, started wearing off this year so currently have a new 2 month old mirena and am also taking 30mg Provera per day. I tried coming off the Provera last week and the endo returned within 5 days.....fiesty stuff. So back on Provera again now. Not sure what is next, GP on Tuesday and specialist in October. Tried from all the pain and a bit sad as disappointed it hasn't been as easy this time. Wondering if anyone else has had this and if things change with age....



I have the mirena coil but seems the progesterone is not enough and have been given cerelle as a top up. It has helped with mood swings but given me a period of sorts (red/black/brown discharge for 5/7 days) which I was shocked about. cramps when I thought id seen the back of, however the back and hip pain is minimal which I am happy about. As I have only been on it 3 months im hoping it will all settle, otherwise its a trip back to the consultant which I am not looking forward to.

I too would like to hear from other ladies who may be in same situation


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