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Has it returned?


I had a lap done in march to remove 3 cysts, one of which was 8cm. Since then I have been put on the mini pill (cerrelle). This resulted in no periods which was brilliant as this was when I was in most pain. Since march I have had no pain or symptoms, until the last two weeks. I have not had the extreme pain that I used to get with my periods but have had a real dull ache in the same area. Theres a part of me thinking im paranoid. What symptoms did people get when not having periods?

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I'm also on Cerelle, have been since June 2012. At first it was brilliant as no periods. But I still got pelvic pain and could not understand why. When I went for a transvaginal scan it showed adhesions. Maybe this is what happened to you too? I don't think you're paranoid. You know when you have pelvic pain. Also endo means reverse menstruation so you may still be bleeding a little but it's going backwards. I've had 3 Laps since 2012 and even though I'm on Cerelle they have always found a bit of endo lurking there when they cut me open. Go back to your gp and get a scan. You're not mad you know your body and know something's wrong. Good luck my love xxxx N xxxx


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