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Fatigue..I'm so tired

Hi everyone, I have stage 4 deep/severe endo I had my last lap in May which the surgeon said went well and a lot of endo was removed, however the fatigue seems to be worse than ever! I'm trying to stay active and go the gym a couple of time a week but I can hardly keep my eyes open by 3pm.. Any suggests on what can help would be really appreciated XX

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I find the gym far too much and it takes me 4 days to recover. Doctor told me to walk or swim instead and build my fitness up. In my case because at the time i could get out of breath very easily i was told to walk 100 yards 3 times a week then build it up each week. im learning what my limits are and not to push myself to do more so im getting a better quality of life. Dont try to be superwomen and get everything done in a day instead spread it out over the week and if you need to rest rest dont fight it (unless that means staying in bed all day everyday as that wont help)


Exercise-wise, I've found yoga and swimming the most helpful. Regular gentle exercise, particularly the week before my period, seems to decrease the amount of pain I experience. Intense fatigue can be so upsetting. Each month I'd have to take 2 days off work due to Endo pain and then for at least 5 days after it would be a real struggle to even sit up and get dressed due to fatigue. However much sleep I had it wasn't enough. I tried high-strength b vitamins for ages. No use. I'd already had my iron levels checked and was told it was fine. I decided to try high potency iron tablets anyway. The results were undeniable. After 2 months NO fatigue and much lighter periods. I still have very bad pain during my period but at least I'm not on the verge of tears with exhaustion and feeling sedated. Everyone is different but iron tablets certainly helped me.


I also have stage 4 endo and had extreme fatigue during period for a few months but since I have started doing the endo diet (2 months now) I notice that the fatigue has gone, not sure if the diet has anything to do with it as my symptoms keep changing all the time but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am also taking Iron supplements so maybe they help too x


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