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first diagnosis

I have just had my 2nd consult with my gyane constulant; during this appt i have a colposcopy where he took a biopsy due to a lining on my cervix. I am awaiting a date for a laparscopy in which my 8x8x9cm cyst will be removed along with any endo, plus the possibility of one of my ovaries being removed.

It's not the GA or the procedure i fear as i have had a GA last november and i do GA's on animals on a daily basis. It's the unknown of whether or not i will be left with one ovary and how this will affect my fertility and ability to have children. I am having the coil put in at the same time to prevent any further cysts and i am hoping this will stop my periods until i decide i want children, which i do not think will be too far into the future given that there may be problems with conceiving.

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They will not remove the ovary if there is anypossibility of saving it, but when it hasbeen swallowedup inside a cyst there is no point saving it for baby making as it is usually beyond being ofany use, and that beingthe case they take out the cyst, ovary and the now obsolete fallopian tube on that side.

It has no bearing on the tube andovary on the other side. That is quite a separate entity, and that's why you have two.

One is just as capable of working as well as two.

I had my left plumbing removed and don't miss it at all. Glad to be pain free andcyst free on one side at least. The rightovary was saved and detached from an 8cm cyst, it was stuck down in the POD and got cleaned up and put back where it should be. Since the surgery it has had two more cysts on it. One popped and the other is still there. ~I had the coil put in also- so no periods at all these days.

I am thrilled to not be plagued with angry cysts on one side of me at least - I really can't notice it being missing. I don't even think about it, unless I am posting on this forum.

The other side with the cyst is grumbly from time to time, but not all the time and when it is upset a day or two of pain killers is enough. Keeping one working ovary stops the need for HRT and avoids menopause.

So they will always try and preserve at least one ovary and won't remove the other unless it is already discovered to be useless for baby making and keeping it would only mean more cysts in the future. There is no point in keeping it. It's no gooduse to you at all once it has been swallowed up by endo and endometrioma.

I can't believe how much better life is without periods first and foremost, and having one side free of cysts is a bonus too. My op was brutal - a laparotomy and took months to recover from, but apart from 4 months on zoladex, it was all worth it.

I am a darn sight better than I had been for a long time. I still have endo problems mainly with the bowel, still have chronic fatigue all the time, but generally speaking I am loads better for having had surgery so in that sense it was worth what I went through.

I musn't get pregnant for reasons not related to endo, but that doesn't mean I cannot. My remaining ovary is a working one and in theory it is possible, but I must avoid doing so for other medical reasons.

Provided your other tube is clear - which they will check ifyou ask them, and that the ovary onthe other side is still working and clear of endo or adhesions then there is no reason why you would not be able to conceive naturally from it at some point in the future. Very best of luck with the op and the recovery afterwards too.


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