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Endo Op and Very Reluctant. Help

Hi there im a 34 yrs old, awaiting to have a Lap op to remove suspected endo in ovaries. Im very worried and in 2 minds to go ahead with this op. I suffer with very painful heavy periods that can be very clotty. I have shooting pains down left leg during heavy bleeds and feel very tired all the time. I have had 2 scans and 1 internal camera prior to op date, the 1st scan revealed a cyst 2cm in left ovary. the 2nd scan the cyst had grown to 4cm. An internal camera was then advised, by this time the 4cm cyst had gone and instead I had 2 small cyst on either ovaries. If these cysts go naturally, why do I still need surgery?? Can someone please help me make the right choice.

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When you're of child bearing age a cyst can be dangerous if it twists as you can lose your ovary and that's why doctors want to remove it. I wanted to wait and see if my cyst got smaller but it didn't and I had it removed. It was a massive 9cm long.


All women have cysts as part of their monthly cycle - its what the egg grows in each month. These do normally resolve themselves, as yours have, but they can also become filled with old blood (chocolate cysts). These don't go away by themselves and can cause you pain. Endometrial growths are not the same as cysts - they are cells from the womb lining which grow abnormally outside it and will bleed each month when you have your period, but as there is nowhere for the blood to go, it causes scar tissue - this is what causes the pain and other problems associated with endo. The only way to reliably diagnose endo is by having a laparoscopy - if you have it confirmed, your consultant can then advise on ways of controlling it and minimising further growth. I had some cysts which resolved themselves, but still had the pain and eventually after a lot of pushing, I was told I could have a diagnostic lap, I opted to go for it as I wanted to know for certain what was wrong with me. I was diagnosed stage 4 endo - my gynae said it couldnt be removed without risking damage to my bowel, and put me on Prostap injections. Having read up a lot more, I am now waiting for referral to an Endo Centre to see a specialist. So although my endo wasnt treated at the time of my lap, the diagnosis meant I could be referred to someone who hopefully can offer me other types of treatment. So it all really depends on whether or not you want to know for certain what is causing your problems, so the relevant care can be put in place, rather than relying on guesswork!

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Thank You so much for your thorough advice. I am also worried about after op the pain, how painful is it really, I have heard a lot of negatives so far more than the positives. Sorry Im just very anxious about whole thing.


Its only natural to be anxious - I don't like having surgery either! I didnt have too much pain after the op - more of a nagging ache, bit like medium-ish periiod pain. I found I was ok with paracetmol and ibuprofen and a heatpad, but everyone is different. I guess it also depends on what they do to you - I think they just had a look around with me, as they couldnt really remove any of the growths. I mostly felt very tired and slept a lot the first few days and didnt want much to eat either. I had 2 weeks off work as I have quite a physical job (I should really have had 3 weeks I think). Try to take things easy for awhile so you dont strain anything - listen to your body! Most women on here seem to be mostly positive about the op, I think its the ones who get infections or try to go back to work way too soon who have the most problems. If you're really worried, maybe you could talk to your consultant or one of the ward nurses before you go in about any particular concerns.


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