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Cysts and endo

Hi everyone, I am due for keyhole next week and a bit nervous. Just wondered if anyone has had the same Experience or similar to me. I have a endometria on one ovary and a cyst on the other but not sure what yet and endometriosis. Having all removed next week. Pain is bad one day and not to bad the next and my back is very painful in the morning. Anyone had keyhole for this? Lovely support group. Thanks. X

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I had an opp to remove a cyst years back. It is how they discovered I had endo as well. I found the stage before the opp way worse then the opperation itself and recovering was fine.

The surgery is easy, they put me completely out for it, so I can't really remember much I guess. Recovery fast if they just do key hole. (Hated the whole signing documents for them to take out almost everything vital to a woman in case they saw problems with it, but chances for that are so slim). Turned out all fine and within 2 weeks I was back in fulltime physical work! Just be prepared that even sitting up straight for prolonged periods is hard. I hate doing nothing and of course my over conserned parents flew out to come and support me. At least I had an excusse not to sit straight during dinners.

And do take time afterwards to listen and discuss what they saw endo wise and what that means! As for me it was just a cyst and they saw endo, but did nothing about it. I just got a leaflet and quick talk through and that was it. Last may I tried talking to a gp because the pains have become to much and got nowhere. So yeah, take this oppertunity to understand what they can do for you!


Thank you, I know I've signed all that paperwork was scary. I'm more nervous of the outcome then the actual op. Was yours an endometria cyst? What sort of pain do you get now and are the docs not doing anything for you? X


Let me knwo what the outcome is. I have never had surgery to remove the endo and quite scared to ever g odown that route to be honest. (Does not help that I have an irrational fear for doctors and hospitals... even going to the dentist for a check up brings me close to tears). The cyst they removed years ago was endometria yes. The endo did not look too bad I guess, compared to other stories I hear, nothing stuck together.

My main pains are teh horrible period pains... I have been given codeine tablets, but on the worst days they really do not help and make me hotible dopy. Between periods I often get sharp pains in my belly, probably cysts as the pain is simular, but not a bad as the one they removed and the pain is gone within a few days. I get a lot more small pains, but I do not even think about them a lot as it is mainly the period pains that are extreme. I say the painkillers do not help, but I guess they must do as I'm at least not lying in bed crying and swearing the next time I will call an ambulance. Now it is a pain I can deal with, but not ideal obviousely. I guess since I'm ttc soon there are not many options, but it would have been nice for the gp's not just to look at me as if I am just moaning about a little bit of pain.


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