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Endometriosis and spotting

Hello everyone, I've read so many posts and what a lovely supportive bunch you all are!

I'm three months into Zoladex treatment for endometriosis and my spotting has been terrible this month. I've also got 24/7 dull achey pain. I feel quite guilty as although I've been diagnosed with Stage III endo it is not cripplingly painful so it feels almost weak to complain about this. But the dull ache is constant. I've had this now for two years and the spotting so it doesn't seem as if the zoladex has had any effect.

The spotting is so upsetting, dark brown tar like and sometimes huge clumps of this.

Appt with consultant on Mo day but just wondering if anyone has endo symptoms like this - to be honest my periods haven't been normal as they were so light and painless, it's the month-round symptoms which have caused issues. Does Zoladex have more long term effects or just for the time you're on it?

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