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Can't have a laparoscopy !

So I see my gyne yesterday n because of other medical issues they have said I can't have a laparoscopy. Has this happened to anyone else. If so what are the options I have, I can't go on the pill as I'm trying to get preg, which I'm also having trouble with, but can't have futility treatment until my BMI is low enough. So I'm not too sure what I'm meant to do now, re the endo pains etc?

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Did they say you can't have any surgery or just a laparoscopy? I've never had a laparoscopy, just two laparotomies (open surgery, like a caesarean). Recovery time is longer but otherwise they can both achieve the same surgical result.


She just said no laparoscopy n that was it, told me to lose weight n go back for fertility treatment when BMI is 30. She didn't suggest anything else for the endo.


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