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why is '40' considered to be the end?

I was just browsing on here and in SO SO many posts, people talk about how it 'must be game over now that they are 40', or 'not long left to try as they are 40 in 2 years', and such like.

Why are we all conditioned to think that it is game over for IVF once we reach our 40th birthday? Many clinics NHS and private continue to offer IVF later than this, and many women get pregnant later than this.

Why does everyone assume that once you hit that milestone you're suddenly over the hill? Are we unable to be good mothers once we have some grey hair??

I am approaching 40 and having a FET in November. My consultant reminded me that success rates are down to the age and quality of the eggs - my eggs are therefore only 38!

It just frustrates me to come on here and see so many people assuming that I have no chance because of my age.. I am fit and healthy, please don't write me (and yourselves!) off just yet.. :)

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maccerpops should this post be on the infertility forum?

rather than the endo forum?

I honestly cannot recall any posts stating game over at 40 on the endo forum, which makes me suspect you've posted it in the wrong place from what you intended.


I tried to post in Infertility, you're right. I'll try to move it. Thanks x


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