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Amitriptyline no longer working?

Hello everyone. I have been on Amitriptyline with success for almost four months, first 25mg then 50 mg. Over the last two weeks the pain and sensations have gradually returned. I spoke to my doctor yesterday and she has moved me to 75mg, but thinks the pain is due to my cycle (I am on Cerelle though with no periods). I am not convinced and think it's my body that has become used to the drug. I have two questions. Firstly what's the highest dose anyone has been on, and secondly is there an alternative I could try? Am SO gutted and the old miserable me is coming after the 'high' of being pain free.

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It's so frustrating when the medication that helps you starts to become less effective. I think as an anti depressant you can take upto 300 mg, so I would assume you could go a lot higher as well for pain relief. I only take 25mg if I take anymore I just can't wake up in the mornings, which is no good for work and school run!

I'd go back to the gp and try to up the dosage and see if it has a positive outcome for you?

Do you suffer any side effects from taking this?


I'm interested because only 20mg amitriptyline has helped me a lot over 2+ yrs! but I realise I may need something else for gyn related neuropathic pain if amitrip eventually lets me down

Over the course of several years, my brother had similar loss of amitriptyline effectiveness at gradually higher doses for neuropathy due to c spine compression and increased the dose but still was dissatisfied. He changed to gabapentin (neurontin) and is happier ongoing. Pregabalin (lyrica) is gabapentin with a few pharmacological changes so it could be patented. Pregabalin gives similar effects to gabapentin. They tend to suit different patients. over the years, many posts here on my lupus uk HU forum indicate many of us rely on gabapentin for neuropathic pain....

So, am glad you asked this question & am looking forward to the replies. Meanwhile, wishing you the best in your search for pain relief


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