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Water coming from vagina, burst cyst/PID?


I have endo and pcos. Last lap in Oct 2012. Have mirena and take cerazette. Waiting for next lap to seperate ovaries from bowel/remove endo.

Been in a lot of pain last night/today. Woke up this morning and went to bathroom. Took pjs off as put shower on. In meantime I did a wee. Noticed some spotting on my pants but used to this. After I stood up though brown water ran down my legs. It was not wee, it was from my vagina. Literally water with spotting mixed.

Had cyst on left ovary before and that side

is very bloated atm. Has one ruptured?

I felt very sick on Weds night.

Or are these signs of PID?

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Could be the cyst has leaked, or the cervical mucus is very runny, or there is an infection,

to be on the safe side please visit the GP or sexual health clinic and get swabbed to check for infections.

If an infection the quicker you get on the right treatment the better. Leaking cysts can cause infection and so too invasion of bugs from outside, or your and STD from a partner.

It might be nothing but it could be something, so on the off chance it is something, don't ignore it and do get it checked out if you continue to have unusual events going on down below.


Hi Impatient, thanks for your reply. Sorry I did not respond to it, I usually get an email but didn't this time.

I thought it could be a cyst bursting or PID. Couldn't be an STI as have been totally celibate since last test. I rang NHS direct at the time and they were a bit concerned. I spoke to a GP in the end and she thought it was very odd but didn't understand it. Told me to keep an eye. I'm still alive, it hasn't happened again. Just the usual endo symptoms and a long wait for surgery to contend with.



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