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Some advice please

At the minute I am suffering real bad, I can't cope. I had my pre op over a week ago and am waiting for an appointment. I also had my mirena coil taken out last week as it was wrongly placed and the pain seemed to ease, but something has triggered it real bad today the pain has never been so bad. Tramadol is not touching the pain. So I phoned my consultants secretary this morning to see how far away my appointment is and she said I am not likely to be seen untill October at the earliest for my lap. This is my 3rd. I honestly don't think I can wait till then, I am only 21 and it's taking over my life. I am waiting to get a call off my gp to see if I can go to any other hospital if it means getting seen sooner, can any one suggest anything to help make this happen?

Thanks xx

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