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Fertility and Endo

Hi there, I promised someone I would update you all when I had my appointment with the fertility specialist. I have a chocolate cyst on my ovary and went to see her to get a better idea if I had endo and what course of action would be appropriate considering I am trying to conceive.

She has no doubt that I have endometriosis based on my symptoms and scans. My husbands first sperm results were subpar and we have been trying for awhile so she has put me on the list for publically funded IVF. (I am in NZ - so we get 2 rounds funded if we meet stringent criteria). This terrifies me a bit by itself.

Regarding the Laproscopy, she left it up to me whether to have one done as she does not believe that the Cyst would significantly affect my chances to conceive with IVF.

I was kind of hoping for more guidance over the Lap, I have to choose whether to:

1 go private using the local endo specialist

2 go on the waiting list for public treatment. (possible 1 year wait and low priority given to fertility).

3 Wait and see if my pain levels become more problematic (reasonably okay at the moment).

We have health insurance but if I go private the costs is about 2k-5k. Also the waiting list for IVF is about a year, if I get the lap done immediately, I will lose the immediate boost that you might get from Endo treatment. But then should I worry about the cyst bursting, it has reduced 1/2 a cm or so, could it get better by itself?

I was really hoping I would have a clear course of action after seeing her, now I'm just not sure what to do. Any opinions would be welcome.

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