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This pain is getting me down

So it's been five months from having a diagnostic laparoscopy to find out they didn't find any endometriosis, I was put on mephanamic acid tablet to see if it was dysmenorrhea but the pain is back even with taking the tablets. I've tried two different pills and a mini pill and nothing seems to work.

Was meant to be at my friends house on Saturday, she picked me up and got to hers then turned back and took me home because I was in so much pain, went chalk white and was swearing (if anyone had seen me they would have thought I was on drugs) once I got in my house it took three hours for the pain to ease off a bit, ended up being sick because if the pain.

I'm fed up of being in so much pain and just trying to get on with it.

I have a fibroid tumour but the doctors didn't think it was relevant to my pain.

I have got an appointment to go back to the doctors on Friday but don't know what to ask for in relation to helping myself, not sure if its alright to ask to have the fibroid removed to see if that helps.

I just want a normal life, getting quite depressed every time that time if the month is due because I know how it will effect me.

Any suggestions are welcome. I just want to be pain free. X

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