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Low AMH & severe endo

Looking for some stories of any of you TTC with low AMH and severe endometriosis? I had 2nd lap Feb 14 to remove severe endo, with majority removed apart from section on bowel. Had 2 failed IVF cycles prior to this lap. I also have low AMH and still TTC. Have any of you conceived or TTC in similar circumstances. I'm now embarking on private IVF for ICSI and would be greatful of any of your experiences x

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Hi Stacy, so sorry to hear this - I was in the same boat with low AMH and severe endo. Unfortunately, for other reasons (became really ill with complications), I gave up on IVF. However, I know quite a few ladies with severe endo who have had major surgery and then managed to get pregnant - it is very individual though. If you don't hear from anyone on here, then please do message me and I can try and put you in touch with one or two of them if that helps. Take care and good luck with ICSI xx


Hello Ladies,

I have been told that I have super law AHM, like 0.10 ng/ml, and my FSH is also very law 6.6 , at the same time i had laparascopy and I had sever endo, like 3rd stage, adhesion 4th stage and my doctor took some analysis of vitamin D.. I realize that my question is very unrealistic but has anyone conceived without IVF ? I'm 28, and i got shocked when i heard about it. If any of you know anyone with the same experience please connect me for helpful suggestions.


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