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Womb obliteration

I have been diagnosed with endo, the doctors have booked me in to have the lining of my womb burned away. They said it will get rid of the problem, but I'll never be able to have anymore children. What if then endo is around my organs, will this op. Help that too? Could someone please give me some advice I'm getting really worried about it all and the op is next month.

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The problem is endo is on the outside of your womb, not the inside so having your womb lining burnt away will make no difference what so ever. To rid yourself of endo you need it to be cut away from the outside areas, not the inside. Why is your doctor advising this op? He obviously doesn't know what endo is. X


Thank you for replying, I'm going to call the gynecologist and see what is going on. I think I'm getting treated for heavy periods not endo x


The ablation of the womb lining will not have any impact on your endo. Two entirely separate locations.

What it will do is stop you having periods or reduce thebleeds considerably at least, which is a huge bonus in terms of your monthly quality of life and in doing that it means that you are substantially lowering the risks of any new endo occuring from backflow of period bleeds along the fallopian tubes carrying endometrial lining cells to new locations.

So there certainly are benefits to having this procedure in terms of managing periods. It's much better for you than a hysterectomy would be.

It doesn't remove any existing endo however, and unless you are also getting that removed at the same time or in a followup operation with an endo specialist surgeon then any residual endo will still be there are still be having its own period bleed when the hormones tell it too. Those endo cells don't know they are not inside the womb, so they will react just s they would if they were in the right location.

There are various methods for doing this procedure so check with your doc which kind they intend to use on you, so you can read up on it before the big day and will have a better idea of what to expect afterwards while recovering.


Hi I'm going to ring my gynecologist and see what I'm getting treated for because it sounds as though it is just treatment for my periods not endo. I'm feeling frustrated by it all as though know one is listening to me.

Thank you for your help xx


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