Tomorrow is the day!

After 8 nearly 9 years of constant pain and heavy periods tomorrow I finally have a consultation with a private endo specialist! I can't wait to see what treatment or answers they can give me! I'm a little worried though as I am unsure what to expect, has anybody ever been to an endo specialist and if so what happens during your first consultation?

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  • Who are you going to see? I have. I wonder if it's the same one. Inbox me :) x x x

  • Good luck. I hope you have found a good doctor.

  • Thank you, I have, he was fantastic! I seen Dr Adam Moors, I am now booked in for an ultra sound, pelvic examination, numerous amounts of blood tests and then after that they are seeing what dates I can have a laparoscopy, in one appointment I have received more help than in 8 years, I am finally smiling :D xx

  • Lovely story. Long may your break through continue!

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