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Private fertility treatment

I'm looking into having fertility treatment done privately, but I can't afford the £4/5k in one go, I was wondering if anyone knows of any clinics where the payment can be spread over a length of time, for eg like a credit card

I have found that BMI clinics have a card you can pay monthly but there isn't a close clinic to me.

I'm in cambridgeshire if anyone can help?


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This is a forum for endometriosis, you'd be much more likely to get the answers you seek from posting on one of the fertility forums where there will be a much bigger membership with experience of privately funding their IVF.

Click on My Communities on the green bar, and then Browse Communities and you should find a few that are for parenting, or fertility issues like IVF. Also use google to seek out other IVF support groups in your local area and see if anyone on there can better answer your question. Good Luck


Thank you. I have asked on there too. I do have endo was just seeing if anyone went for ivf aswell. I have googled Sooo much lol. This was my last place to ask. But thank you for getting back to me.


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