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Endometrial resection

Hi does anyone happen to know the meaning of this or outcome should I say I know it's removing the lining of the uterus but I've read to prevent endo growing back on the uterus does anyone know if this is true does it stop it growing back once lining is removed ? As my uterus is fused stuck to my bowel so wondering if this will be part of my upcoming surgery ?

Thanks in advance fir any help x

Lisa xxx

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you seem to me to be confusing endometriosis and endometrial .

Endometrial is the lining of the inside of the womb, the cells that grow a lining and shed each month as your period. If these cells are removed either by cutting them out, resection (which is part of the uterus) or hysterectomy which would be the whole uterus then the missing cells do not regrow. the wound heals up with a scar from the underlying cells which are not endometrial.

With ablation instead of removing the endometrial cells they are cooked at a high heat to prevent them from growing a lining and giving you a period.

A resection is usually removal of only a small part of the lining of the uterus for example to remove fibroid.

Remaining endometrial cells would still grow a lining and give you a period.

Ablation is aimed at cooking the entire inside of the uterus to stop any of it growing a menstrual lining.

Endo or endometriosis are endometrial cells which are NOT located in the uterus but can be found just about anywhere else in the body, where they are no supposed to be. Removal of endometriosis requires a completely different operation .

Endometrial resection is done up through the vagina using hysteroscope camera to show the surgeon specifically where he is working.

Removal of endometriosis is done through a laparoscopy or laparotomy entering through the peritoneum (the tummy skin route).

so an endometrial resection will not do anything for endometriosis, unless you are also having a separate surgery at the same time, on the sites of endo or similarly for adhesions too.


Thanks for your reply I presume I will be having an op for exision as my endo is stage 4 which has fused my uterus to my bowel plus blocked Fallopian tube waiting on my follow up with consultant in 5 weeks then being referred to specialist for op but that's what's worrying me the most the fact that it's fused to my bowel :( I'm not on anything as yet regarding treatment either so hoping he goes thru this with me then x


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