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Eternal bleeding

Has anyone else ever had this experience? And is there anything anyone found that helped it?

I've tried 4 types of contraceptive pill, the implant (twice, in case 1 wasn't working), the pill and the implant, the coil and the coil + the contraceptive pill. NOTHING has stopped my period, even briefly. I don't have irregular bleeding - I don't have cycles - I have had CONTINUOUS bleeding for about 4 years now and I'm so sick of it - my doctors say there's nothing more they can do?! I've never heard of anyone else with a similar problem...

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There are several options explained on the NHS website


and even more on


You didn't say anything about having any scans or blood tests or endocrine tests to see if a known cause can be identified and treated. If you have just been using the hormone treatment options without a thorough investigation then that is your next step. Ask for a referral to a gynecologist specialising in

Menometrorrhagia and get something done about trying to pinpoint a cause.

The treatment options are dependent on whether your baby making days are over or not.

There are more options available to you if you are not wanting to preserve the integrity of your uterus.

MEA or micowave endometrial ablation is one option.

Some ladies find having a D&C to clear out a layer of lining can improve things -but it has risks, though it may be one option that can preserve your uterus for baby making.

There are NSAID drugs that might be more effective than BC Pill options and coils etc.

Do have a read of the two website links and then do your own homework on the various options you might get offered next so that you know what the specialist if talking about, when you get to your appointment and you can hopefully have a better idea about what questions to ask him or her.

Before surgery and zoladex and the mirena my periods would often last up to 3 weeks in 4, and i know how disruptive it is to daily living, and very luckily for me the mirena has worked and completely stopped the bleeds which has been tremendous. I do hope you can find a solution to work for you.


Hi, my friend bled for 10 years constant. Doctors over the years told her it was stress until eventually she saw a new doctor at her practice. She got a lap and discovered it was fibroids, they got rid of them and gave her an ablation and she has been fine ever since.

No-one should have to put up with continual bleeding. If I were you I would keep on at the GP and ask for a referral. If they refuse ask another doctor at your surgery. Keep on at them and don't give up. I've lost count of the times I have been to my doc and others at the surgery.

Hope you get it sorted.



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